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Lexitronics is an ongoing research project with a strong practical portfolio of associated products. It is founded on the belief that the acquisition of an extensive vocabulary is the basis of language learning. The project embraces technology, and holds self-directed and collaborative learning to be key learning concepts. Lexitronics challenges much conventional thinking about vocabulary, and has become a fascinating journey in which a brand new wordlist has been evolved, a corpus-informed academic writing course developed, and a series of electronic readers produced, along with numerous other projects. In short, Lexitronics is where the research gets practical.

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Learn more about Lexitronics and the research we do into vocabulary profiling and the materials and courses we’re building around our work by exploring some of the links and presentations on these pages. Have fun and feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

We hope you enjoy the site. Lexitronics is Ali Billuroğlu, John Eldridge, Nilgun Hancioğlu, and Steven Neufeld.

In the news

A few images from the 2009 BC ELTons Innovation in EFL award ceremony.
On return home from the ELTons award ceremony, Nilgun Hancioğlu was interviewed by the national TV broadcaster, BRT: click for details in English or Turkish.

Research update

Our research principles have led us to examine more closely the gap between the English that a language learner can actually produce and the standard of English that they are often expected them to produce. Every teacher (and student) knows there is a gap, but specifying the nature and contents of that gap is not easy. Lexitronics research sheds new light on the gap, and exemplifies it in a comparison between EFL students writing theses in a non English-speaking country, and EIL students writing them in English-speaking countries. Find out more about the profound implications of these findings and how to mind the gap shown in the graph below.

The gap between EFL and EIL

Ongoing projects

Insights from our research have also led us to develop practical teaching and learning tools in the MOODLE platform, including the Advanced Thesis Writing course (this based on a full corpus of academic abstracts) and the first in a series of 16 e-readers, as well as teacher development materials. Additionally, World of Reading authors, Joan Baker-Gonzalez and Eileen K. Blau, used our word lists to assist in targeting vocabulary in preparing their academic reading course book.

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